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News | 2024-02-28
En hand som fångat vatten

IVL takes part in Sweden's new innovation initiative

IVL is participating in two of the programmes receiving funding through Sweden's major innovation initiative for the 2030s – Impact Innovation. The programmes will accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

The initiative is backed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnova. When the programmes are fully up and running, the state funding will total half a billion Swedish kronor annually, with the private sector and other stakeholders contributing at least as much.

"Impact Innovation is a ground-breaking initiative in terms of design, organization and working methods. The challenges facing society are interconnected, and we authorities are now challenging ourselves to become better at taking a systems perspective and strengthening collaboration, in order to develop new solutions”, says Johan Kuylenstierna, director general of Formas.

In the programmes, a wide range of stakeholders will collaborate: business, public sector, academia and civil society. The programmes where IVL is participating are:

Water for Vital Environments – WAVE

This programme has the vision Sustainable water for all by 2050, and aims to achieve a systemic transformation in the management of water resources and related infrastructure. The goal is a future where water is available in the right quantity and quality, despite a changing climate.

"Much knowledge and technology already exists, but there is a need for more targeted research and innovation, and not least for knowledge and new solutions to be utilized in Sweden and abroad. This requires a broad approach, and collaboration with many stakeholders”, says John Munthe, senior researcher at IVL.

The programme is led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Linköping Science Park, Lund University, Stockholm Environment Institute and Svenskt Vatten.

Shift2Access – attractive and accessible habitats for everyone

The second programme IVL is participating in is Shift2Access. It will bring together the construction and transport sectors to mobilize stakeholders around three shifts: integrating the built environment and mobility into one ecosystem, circular business models and competitive alternatives to private car travel.

The programme is led by IQ Samhällsbyggnad in collaboration with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Transport Administration, K2 (Sweden's national centre for research and education on public transport), VTI, IVL, RISE, Region Stockholm, Region Skåne, Region Västra Götaland, Västtrafik and the Volvo Research Foundation.

Information on all funded programmes is available at Impact Innovation's website. External link, opens in new window.

For questions about the programmes IVL is taking part in, contact:
John Munthe, john.munthe@ivl.se, tel. +46(0)10-788 68 06

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