Återbrukade byggvaror

Centrum för cirkulärt byggande – CCBuild

CCBuild is a network and platform where the building and real estate sector work together for a circular construction industry. CCBuild provides digital services, knowledge and networks to spread knowledge and implement a more sustainable industry.

The construction industry accounts a large amount of the greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden, as well as a major proportion of the total amount of waste. The challenge is to shift from a linear to a circular material flow where material is re-used. The result will be more sustainable industry, both environmentally and economically.

The CCBuild Platform

CCBuild offers several digital services that aids different parts of the construction sectors: from suppliers to architects:

  • Value analysis
  • Inventory app
  • Product bank
  • Product marketplace
  • Guides, reports, reference projects and other knowledge
  • Digital events such as courses and networking.

For more information, visit CCBuild.se External link, opens in new window.

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