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Reduce climate impact from construction

IVL has developed quality-assured service packages for you who want to order climate calculations or introduce climate requirements in procurement. The climate impact from construction must be reduced for the construction sector to become climate neutral.

IVL Swedish Environmental Institute is a national leader in climate calculation of buildings and assists, among other things, in the development of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's bill on the climate declaration and operates the procurement platform Climate Requirements at a reasonable cost.

We have packaged the knowledge we have built up in a number of quality-assured services so that everyone can easily do the right thing from the start. The services also include reconciliation meetings with our climate calculation experts so that in addition to delivering quality in the results, we will also build up your knowledge as a customer.

We believe that quality is cheap in the long run, especially when you need to quickly build knowledge. Welcome to hold our hand.

The following services can be ordered at a fixed price:

This service is suitable if you request a climate calculation in order to fulfill future bills on climate declarations or Miljöbyggnad Brons for indicator on climate impact. The calculation can also be used at an early stage when, for example, you want to investigate the climate impact of different frame alternatives.

This service is suitable if you request a climate calculation with such a high quality that comparison with other calculations is possible. The calculation can be used, for example, when a contractor responds to a procurement or when a property owner builds up competence around the climate impact of his construction. A comprehensive report is communicated as final delivery. In addition to a quality-assured calculation, calculation according to the Building and Planing's bill and Miljöbyggnad Brons are also included.

Through a collaboration process, we guide you to introduce climate requirements in procurement. We start from the guidance and instructions produced within the Climate Requirements project at a reasonable cost and naturally add to our experience from other relevant assignments. Through a series of meetings and reconciliations, it is ensured that the result relates to your particular way of procuring construction projects.

A climate calculation is evaluated and examined with independent eyes, for example in tender evaluation. You provide your procurement requirements linked to climate impact and we evaluate the calculations according to these criteria and how well they follow the instructions for LCA calculation of construction projects, so that calculations from different bidders are uniform and easy to compare. An independent assessment matrix is ​​delivered with comments and advice that can be used for evaluation.

IVL arranges a workshop where pure knowledge sessions are alternated with group work to ensure knowledge building in climate calculations at building level.

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