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    Transition of textile and construction sectors requires a combination of instruments
    In a study for the Nordic Council of Ministers, economists at IVL have analyzed how environmental taxes can promote the transition to a circular economy in the Nordic region. The focus was on two sectors with extensive material flows: textiles and construction.
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    Households to receive support to become more circular
    IVL is participating in the new EU project CARE, which will help 100 households in Europe to become more climate-smart and circular. The project focuses on two areas – food and fashion – where households will receive inspiration and help to make more sustainable choices in everyday life.
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    Cities can produce more food using circular systems
    Climate change, population growth and urbanization increase the need for alternative and sustainable solutions for producing food. At the same time, cities have become less and less self-sufficient, and produce large amounts of waste that could be used more resource-efficiently. IVL is now launching a major project focusing on how urban farms can become more circular by linking them to other flows in cities.
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    New report analyses how negative emissions can help meet Paris Agreement targets
    A new report commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency analyses how removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, known as negative emissions, can help in achieving the long-term temperature targets of the Paris Agreement. Among other things, the report analyses the risks associated with negative emissions, such as delaying the phase-out of fossil fuels, and how these risks can be managed.
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    Several new tools strengthen efforts for a sustainable and safe chemical industry
    AI-based tools that can be used to predict whether substances are carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors. These are examples of tools developed by the IVL-led Mistra SafeChem research programme to reduce the risk of chemicals to humans and the environment.