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    Chinese companies strive to halve food waste
    The platform Save 12.3 that was launched last year, has started a campaign to reduce food waste in China. More than 500 Chinese catering companies and restaurants support this initiative aimed at halving food waste by 2030.
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    35 million to real-world traffic emissions studies
    Cares, a collaborative project funded by the EU, will develop technologies to improve the measurement of real driving emissions. The project is particularly relevant in the wake of dieselgate, the scandal with software that manipulated emissions from new diesel cars.
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    Large research grant for developing green chemistry
    The Swedish financier Mistra is investing SEK 70 million in the four-year research program SafeChem, which aims to create a sustainable chemicals industry and reduce exposure to hazardous substances. The programme is coordinated by IVL and brings together researchers from Stockholm University, Rise, KTH, Danish DTU and industry-wide actors.
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    20 students from India and China go to Sweden
    IVL, together with Swedish institute, arranges the two-week SEK City Elite Scholarship Camp in Sweden for students from India and China. The selection process is now finalized, and the names of the final 20 students are published.