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    Volcanic eruptions caused 25-fold increase in sulphur content in northern Sweden
    From August 31, 2014 to February 27, 2015, a volcanic eruption in Iceland discharged twice as much sulphur dioxide as is emitted by all human activity in a single year. The eruption impacted air quality throughout Sweden with elevated sulphur levels in air and precipitation, especially in northern Sweden.
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    Locally produced biofuels will reduce the climate impact of aviation
    IVL Swedish Environment Research Institute will, together with the Fly Green Fund association, launch a project to leverage large-scale production of biofuel in Sweden. At present, biofuel is only produced at a single plant in California, and the project is keen to change that. The plan is to utilize Swedish forests and make possible access to locally produced biofuel.
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    “Reports about harmful effects of microplastic have opened many people’s eyes”
    The first UN Ocean Conference, hosted by Sweden and Fiji, took place in New York. Issues with microplastic in the sea and marine littering were high on the agenda. These questions were also taken up in Sweden, where the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency delivered a report commissioned by the Swedish government on the sources of microplastic and proposed measures for reducing emissions in Sweden.
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    New report highlights climate footprint of electric car battery production
    In the quest for greater mileage per charge, electric car batteries are getting much bigger. But since battery production is energy consuming and to some extent cancels out climate benefit, it is vital that production becomes more energy efficient and that the use of fossil electricity is minimized. This according to a report that IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has carried out on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration.
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    “There is more to biofuels than CO2 reduction”
    Researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Luleå University of Technology, Bio4Energy and Lund University have evaluated Swedish biofuels production. The result indicates that there are many environmental and socio-economic benefits that should be taken into account when designing future biofuels instruments.
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    Chemical pollutants in preschool dust
    Researchers from the City of Stockholm “Chemical-Smart Preschool” project have examined levels of plasticisers and bisphenols in the dust collected from 100 Stockholm preschools. The researchers also identified other factors in the preschool environment that impact levels of these pollutants.
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    What will the environmental weather be like today?
    The wonder of IoT- Internet of Things – has come to reach the issues of environmental research. The “Environmental Weather” IoT project has developed smart sensors to measure air pollution and noise and send real-time data directly to your mobile phone or computer. At its concluding seminar in Universeum in Gothenburg, the project presented the possibilities of connected environmental monitoring.