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    Reducing nitrogen emissions from shipping can save 28.3 billion euros in health costs
    A new study conducted by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Air pollution and Climate Secretariat (AirClim), shows that a nitrogen oxide emissions tax and refund mechanism, combined with the introduction of NOx Emission Control Areas in the Baltic and North Seas, would serve to improve adverse public health effects in coastal countries.
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    Second-hand trade saved 16,3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions
    Schibsted Media Group has, in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, estimated the potential environmental benefits of second-hand trade conducted in eight of the media group's marketplaces. The calculations show that by shopping second-hand instead of purchasing new items 16.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions was saved in 2016. This is the equivalence to no traffic in Stockholm during 19 years.
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    Wood burning and traffic greatest threats to air in cities
    Health effect measurements from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umeå shows that the importance of local air pollution emissions from wood burning and road traffic is greater than earlier national level estimates have shown. What most surprised the researchers was the impact from wood burning, with effects in the form of mortality in the same magnitude as that from traffic. The study also shows a clear link between exposure to soot and the risk of stroke.