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Capacity building regarding mercury emissions

The Swedish EPA has commissioned IVL to build Chinese capacity with regards to limitations of mercury emissions from metal industries in China.

As a result of the country's rapid economic development China has become the world's largest producer, user and emitter of mercury. According to a report published by UNEP, China accounts for over 30 percent of the global anthropogenic emissions into the air, and about 50 percent of the world’s consumption of mercury.

The Swedish EPA has signed a new program for cooperation with regards to mercury with the Chinese Ministry of Environment. Within the cooperation, IVL will work with capacity building regarding mercury emission limitations from the metal industry; currently one of the largest sources of mercury emission in China. The task at hand consists of emission inventory, in addition to prevention and control training.

- It is important to establish a better system of emission monitoring and emission control in China, but it is also important that we can provide solid data for decisions to be based on, as well as suggestions for improvements, says Karin Sjöberg, IVL.

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