Biogas kammare

Hydrogen gas

Green hydrogen gas can play a key part in the transition away from fossil fuels in industry and transport. Using hydrogen gas storage, energy can be saved for long periods, providing good opportunities to expand renewable energy sources.

Hydrogen gas – a key to the green transition

Just like electricity, hydrogen gas can be used to store, transport and supply energy. Hydrogen gas can be produced from fossil sources, but also from solar, wind and water power. And as our energy requirements increase, green hydrogen gas is of increasing interest, which is why it can play an important part in the transition from fossil fuels.

Hydrogen gas – climate hype or climate hope?

Everyone is talking about hydrogen gas – but what do the researchers say? Is it the answer to the climate question? IVL's hydrogen gas experts, Ali Hedayati, Anders Hjort and Julia Hansson, untangle the current status of the research, and how the future can unfold for hydrogen gas as a fossil-free energy source.

Examples of IVL's work with hydrogen gas

sunset over port

HOPE: Fuel cell solutions in shipping

Maritime transport is still reliant on fossil fuels. In this project, IVL studies whether fuel cells powered by hydrogen gas can reduce the Nordic shipping industry's fossil fuel reliance.

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Hydrogen Refueling The Car On The Filling Station For Eco Friendly Transport.

Multi filling stations

The project aims to assess the potential for using existing biogas infrastructure to enable expanded hydrogen establishment in the transport sector.

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