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Coffee Session with Baltic Sea PFAS Network

Join our casual discussions sessions whenever you want, to learn, get ideas, get connected and more.

Who can join? Our coffee sessions are open to everyone who would like to listen. In order to get invitations, you need to register for the network (membership free of charge).​

What do we talk about? ​Usually, we invite someone to present their research and work on PFAS, and other times, we mingle digitally and talk. Someone just throws in a question to the group and the discussion starts.

Why should you join? It is a meeting without a to do list, but endless inspirations and network opportunities. If you can spare one hour a month, it can lead to some future collaborations with the people who you otherwise may have little opportunities to meet.​

When are the coffee sessions? Last Friday of the month. You will receive invitations with the topic for the month. You decide if you are interested in the topic and sign up for the session, no obligation. Busy that day? On this same page further down, we write about the coffee breaks afterwards for you to catch up. ​

Please note that we do not record our coffee sessions.

Read more about previous coffee sessions below

Overview of PFAS in wastestream and treatment options seminar #1

This webinar is the first of our three seminar-series over the next 2 years, and we are starting off with an overview of PFASs

PFAS treatment options, now and the future, Zero PFAS seminar #2

This seminar will focus on PFAS removal technologies and what the future can be in PFAS remediation.

Zero PFAS More Removal More Remediation Towards zero PFASs! seminar #3

The focus is research in Poland with speakers from different local institutes, followed by even more technologies for removal and remediation of PFASs.

Send an email to the network coordinator mayumi.narongin@ivl.se and we will send you the link.