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Welcome to a breakfast webinar about the case studies in Mistra SafeChem

The last breakfast webinar in this series, where we present the work packages in Mistra SafeChem, was held on May 24. This time we focussed on the case studies, an important part of the research programme. Now you can see a recording from the webinar.

The tools and workflows developed in Mistra SafeChem are evaluated with the use of real scenarios. Feedback is collected on how the tools perform, how they match the needs of the industry, how they can be developed further and if there is a need for new tools.

In this breakfast webinar, we give highlights from this work and demonstrate how the case studies contribute to the research.

The main focus will be on the two largest case studies. One is on siloxanes and silicones in cosmetics, where the tools are used to identify and prioritize chemicals for substitution, followed by finding the most sustainable alternative. The other is studying indoor air quality in cars. 

We especially welcome representatives of the Swedish industry to learn more about our work for greener chemistry and the progress so far.


Mistra SafeChem: The programme and its case studies
Dämien Bolinius, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Indoor air quality: Materials inside the car that do not cause health problems
Dämien Bolinius, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Assessment of alternatives to silicones in cosmetics
Lisa Skedung, RISE

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