26 november

Overview of PFASs in waste stream and treatment options Zero PFAS seminar #1

PFASs are a group of chemicals used commonly in products such as in fire extinguishers, packaging materials and textiles. However, PFASs are extremely persistent, bioaccumulate in the environment and can have adverse effect on wildlife and humans. Thus, it is important to identify their sources and reduce emissions to the environment. The focus of this project is to improve our understanding of PFASs in waste streams in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce their emissions to the Baltic Sea.This webinar is the first of our three seminar-series over the next 2 years, and we are starting off with an overview of PFASs focusing on the following questions: What are PFASs? How can we detect them? What are the main sources? How can we reduce the emissions from waste streams? What are the challenges?The seminar has two parts and requires separate registration. Registration only for the morning session is possible.

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