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    Recycling and energy recovery in Namibia
    Windhoek, Namibia, is one of the cleanest cities in Africa, second to Kigali, and is set to regain its number-one status. Since 2009, the citizens have started sorting out plastic bottles, cartons, paper and glass, which go for recycling. Now, the city of Windhoek, together with waste experts at IVL and Smart City Sweden, is investigating how waste that is not recycled can be used for energy.
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    Smart water monitoring, thanks to new invention
    Climate change and urbanization are making it more challenging for cities to manage wastewater, stormwater and flooding. Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have developed an invention that uses sensors and AI to monitor water and to better prepared to rapidly manage various changes.
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    Meeting on air pollution brings scientists and negotiators together from around the world
    Air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to human health. From March 13, 200 experts, scientists, and negotiators from around the world will meet in Gothenburg to strengthen international efforts to improve air quality. Organised under the framework of the Swedish EU Presidency, the seventh meeting of the Saltsjöbaden Air Science and Policy Workshop will be themed around “Air pollution management in a world under pressure”.
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    EU research project finds high nitrogen oxides emissions of Tier III vessels
    The EU research project SCIPPER has found high nitrogen oxides emissions of Tier III vessels from remote measurement in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. The analysis shows that 50 per cent of the emission measurements of ships that had to comply with the latest Tier III nitrogen levels, far exceed the expected emission levels.
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    Swedish delegation in India for Smart City Roadshow
    In February Swedish representatives from companies, academia and authorities visited three Indian cities to strengthen the cooperation between Sweden and India and share knowledge in innovation and sustainable city solutions.