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    New report reveals bad environmental habits
    Switching to white meats and plant-based diets and finding alternatives to air travel are among the recommendations in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ new report on household consumption. The report, which was drawn up by IVL, maps Nordic private household consumption, focusing on four themes; housing, transport, food and consumer goods. It also presents eight recommendations for more sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyles.
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    New report on PFAS substances in cosmetics
    On behalf of the Swedish Chemicals Agency, IVL and Stockholm University have investigated the presence of highly fluorinated substances, so-called PFAS, in cosmetic products. About 40 products have been analysed and the researchers have also calculated the volume of emissions to the environment.
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    Retailers to utilize life cycle analysis for sustainability
    In collaboration with Apotek Hjärtat, Perrigo and Idun Minerals, IVL will examine how retailers can utilize life cycle analysis data to reduce the climate impact of their products. The aim is to drive improvements and encourage the industry to switch to a more sustainable business model.
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    New modelling shows how Nordic energy systems can become climate neutral
    Emissions must be reduced fivefold over the next ten years if energy systems in the Nordic countries are to become climate neutral. More robust electricity networks, increased flexibility, more wind power and solar energy, the electrification of transport and carbon dioxide capture and storage are all crucial elements if the Nordic climate goals are to be achieved. This is clearly indicated by research carried out by the Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project, which is funded by Nordic Energy Research.
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    Guidebook to district heating technologies of the future
    Lowering the temperature of systems used to heat buildings will deliver several environmental benefits. This opens the possibility of utilizing renewable energy sources and residual heat more efficiently. IVL is participating in the creation of a guide to the main driving forces behind low-temperature district heating.
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    The gap between air pollution pacesetters and laggards in Europe and Central Asia has widened
    Most emissions have fallen in Western, Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe since 2010. Hotspots remain in the Balkans and Central Asia, and air quality levels remain dangerous throughout region, but low-cost solutions are at hand, a new report from UNEP and IVL shows.
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    Russian youth learnt about Swedish sustainable solutions
    Last week, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute arranged a sustainability academy for Russian youth. The academy was financed by the Swedish Institute and the purpose was to increase the youth’s knowledge in waste management, water issues, energy and more.