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    Actions on black carbon – a short term complement to mitigate Arctic warming
    Black carbon – a short-lived climate forcer that arises primarily from wood burning stoves and diesel engines and generators – intensifies climate warming, especially in the Arctic. Reduced emissions can have an immediate positive effect on the climate but coordinated policy action is required from across the northern hemisphere. New European-funded science-to-policy initiative shows how measures can be targeted.
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    Welcome to the Russia-Sweden Youth Sustainability Academy
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Swedish Institute are arranging a sustainability academy for Russian and Swedish youth in August. Now we are looking for people who want to learn more about sustainable solutions and technology and are inspired by discussing and collaborating with others.
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    Participates in new working group on climate impact from consumption
    IVL's employee Lars Zetterberg participates in the Environmental Objectives Committee's new working group that will develop goals and strategies for how Sweden can reduce the climate impact from consumption. The committee will, among other things, propose milestones for aviation's climate impact and see how the climate policy framework can have an impact on public procurement.
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    Big profits can be made through cooperation against food waste
    One third of all food produced in the world is wasted, according to data from United Nations. In Sweden, more than 1.3 million tonnes of food waste is generated each year, which corresponds to approximately 133 kilos per person. An agreement in the food industry has been working for a year to reduce food waste.
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    Mobility expert strengthens the Climate Law Inquiry
    IVL's mobility and transport expert Anders Roth will, from the first of September to the last of December 2021, work part-time as the investigation secretary for the Climate Law Inquiry. His task will be to strengthen the competence in the area of ​​transport-efficient society, which is one of two areas that the inquiry will focus on.
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    New platform for climate-adapted and circular procurement
    Setting clear environmental requirements in procurement is a key to achieving reduced climate impact from products and services. To support the transition to a circular economy, IVL, together with the innovation program RE:Source and the Recycling Industries, is now launching a website for public procurement in a life cycle perspective.
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    Artificial wetlands will be built on the Testbed Storsudret
    Region Gotland and IVL receive just over 300 000 Euros in support for constructing artificial wetlands on Testbed Storsudret on southern Gotland. The funding will be used in a nature conservation project that, with the help of dam hatches and dams, will strengthen the groundwater in the area and increase biodiversity.
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    Sustainable solutions must become standard in urban development
    An important part of society's development towards increased sustainability concerns how our cities are designed. Many smart, innovative and sustainable solutions in urban development are developed in pilot projects - but stay there. Work is now underway to ensure that successful results from pilot projects are integrated into the regular operations and permeate the entire city.
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    New member of the Business Climate Change
    The government has appointed Östen Ekengren, senior adviser at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, as a new member of the collaboration group Business Climate Change. Östen Ekengren hopes to be able to contribute by strengthening collaboration with the export and innovation platform Smart City Sweden, but also with his knowledge and experience of emerging countries such as China and India.
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    Seven steps for increased division in residential areas
    How can housing companies make it easier for residents to share things, surfaces, and knowledge? IVL has together with Stockholmshem produced a guide based on seven steps.
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    New survey about climate adaptation in Sweden
    Lomma, situated in the south of Sweden is the best climate adaptation municipality of the year. This is shown by the latest survey of the municipalities' climate adaptation work carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Insurance Sweden. Almost all municipalities state that they have been affected by climate change and extreme weather events, but less than half have set aside resources for climate adaptation measures, the survey shows.
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    Great interest in calculating the climate impact of buildings
    There is great interest in calculating the climate impact of buildings. Since the Construction Sector's environmental calculation tool was launched, it has had over 2,500 users who have counted on more than 10,000 projects. IVL has now further developed the tool so that it is available in four different variants – from a simpler free version to an advanced license-based multi-user version. In addition, IVL offers training and support.
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    New project manager for Smart City Sweden
    Gina Aspelin Hedbring will be the new project manager for Smart City Sweden, an investment and export platform run by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency. Smart City Sweden shows the best Sweden has to offer in smart and sustainable cities. The goal is to inspire others and promote Swedish exports of sustainable solutions.
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    New sludge management technology tested in wastewater treatment plants
    Roslagsvatten has initiated a collaboration with environmental technology company C-Green and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute with the goal of constructing a “sludge-free” wastewater treatment plant. A new method means that sludge will no longer be one of the end products at the Roslagsvatten Margretelund facility outside Stockholm.
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    Consultation response: With a simple adjustment, biogas cars can continue to be counted as green cars
    The Government has presented a proposal for an amendment to the directive regarding environmental requirements for the procurement of cars and certain public transport services. If the proposal becomes a reality, it would mean that state authorities can no longer choose biogas cars as an environmental car. IVL believes that this would be negative for the development and proposes in its response to the consultation an adjustment of the proposal.