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    PFAS-contaminated water can be purified – but this can be costly
    An IVL project has tested various techniques for purifying PFAS-contaminated leachate from waste facilities. The efficiency of the various methods has been evaluated through practical experiment and the costs estimated. Our conclusion is that purification is expensive but can be justified from a socio-economic perspective if the goal is to reduce PFOS or the most toxic PFAS substances.
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    Eight recommendation for strengthening biogas
    The cities' rapid transition to electric power in public transport risks knocking out the largest market for Swedish biogas to date, if measures are not put in place. An IVL-led research study has produced a policy brief aimed at decision-makers with eight recommendations on how the conditions for biogas can be strengthened.
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    Systematic map of determinants of buildings' energy demand and CO2 emissions shows need for decoupling
    Researchers have carried out a mapping study targeting factors that affect energy needs and the carbon footprint of buildings. The study would seem to indicate that until now there has been little significant decoupling between economic growth and environmental impact. It is also clear that research around this issue has been skewed, both geographically and in terms of content. Most of the articles studied deal with electricity and water usage in North America and the EU. A mere five per cent focus on climate emissions from buildings.
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    Emissions from ships cause serious disturbances to marine zooplankton
    International requirements for reduced sulfur emissions from shipping have led shipping companies around the world to install exhaust gas treatment with so-called scrubbers. Pollutants that would end up in the air are instead released into the sea, with serious consequences for essential zooplankton. This is shown by new studies from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Norwegian Polar Institute.
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    Participate in the review of the IPCC's forthcoming report
    The external review of the contribution from Working Group III on Reducing Climate Impact in the IPCC's forthcoming evaluation report is currently under way. The IPCC welcomes and encourages broad participation in the review.
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    Green transition and working life – new report on the state of knowledge and continued research needs
    Society's green transformation means a structural transformation that will create new jobs in new industries, require new skills, new ways of organizing work and new business models. The change also involves risks linked to the work environment as well as uncertain and unclear employment conditions, such as in the gig economy. Researchers at IVL have looked at how working life may be affected by the green transition, what is known today and what continued research needs there are.
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    Innovative digital systems will ensure a more secure drinking water supply
    Climate change and urbanization are ramping up the pressure on drinking water production. The IVL-led project DigiDrick has developed innovative digital systems that will leverage safer drinking water and prepare production facilities for the challenges the future may hold.
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    Great climate benefit to use slag gravel as a construction material
    During waste incineration, residues arise that consist of ash, metals, glass and sand. After crushing and sieving, you get a material that is well suited as a construction material, so-called slag gravel. The climate benefit of replacing crushed rock or natural gravel with slag gravel is great, shows a life cycle analysis that IVL has carried out on behalf of Avfall Sverige.
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    Textile waste becomes unique recycling products
    The Siptex facility in Malmö that sorts textile waste by colour and fibre composition is the first of its kind in the world. The next step in its development is now anticipated as the plant starts to deliver textile fractions to recyclers. The circular textile raw material that has been named ReFab leverages quality-assured products, adapted to different recycling processes.
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    Waste management study in Bogotá receives funding from Smart City Sweden
    A team of Swedish experts reviewed the current situation of waste management in the city of Bogotá and presented guidelines on how to enhance sorting at source and increase recycling.
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    New project to reduce climate impact during renovation and rebuilding
    The construction and real estate sector accounts for one-fifth of Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions. In a newly started project, IVL, together with Sveriges Allmännytta and Kommuninvest, will produce a guide for how property owners and construction contractors can reduce the climate impact of renovation and rebuilding. Eight property owners are participating in the project as test pilots.
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    Apply to the Russia-Sweden Youth Sustainability Academy
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Swedish Institute (SI) welcome Russian youth to a Sustainability Academy, where young people will get the chance to learn about sustainability and innovation in Sweden and get inspiration for the future.