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Here you will find our press releases and news

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    SPIDER and IVL in investment in sustainable transport in Rwanda
    SPIDER at Stockholm University and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will jointly implement a training program on the design and development of safe, smart and sustainable transport in Rwanda. The project is funded by the Swedish Institute and the investment is ongoing for one year starting in September 2021.
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    Parking measures and mobility services can change travel habits and provide cheaper housing
    The Gothenburg-based housing group Framtiden, together with IVL, has looked at what opportunities there are for shared use of parking spaces and mobility services in residential areas. The property portfolio of the future has been used as a case study to identify environmentally adapted solutions for more sustainable urban development in Gothenburg and comparable cities.
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    Climate change is forcing nitrogen purge
    The Bothnian Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia have so far not been assessed as sensitive to nitrogen emissions. A new research project will now find out the most effective way to purify nitrogen from wastewater in a climate that is cold for large parts of the year. Both Swedish environmental authorities and the EU are sending signals that the requirements will be tightened to reduce the risk of algal blooms and eutrophication.
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    Digital expert meeting when the IPCC's evaluation report is to be completed
    Work is currently underway on the final draft of the UN IPCC's Sixth Evaluation Report, AR6. The main authors in working group III, who assess how climate change can be limited, will meet completely digitally this year. IVL researcher Erika Mata is one of 280 participants from about 70 countries.
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    New method will help the construction industry to achieve climate neutrality
    A method that IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has developed together with the industry initiative LFM30 in Malmö will help the construction industry to achieve climate neutrality. LFMH currently has 160 players connected from the entire construction chain, of which 38 are developers. All undertake to take concrete measures to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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    SPIDER and IVL to collaborate in training program on smart transport in Rwanda
    SPIDER at Stockholm University and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will be leading a training program supporting welfare services realized via safe, accessible and affordable transport services in Rwanda. The participants will be civil servants in Rwanda and is funded by the Swedish Institute. The training program will run for one year starting September 2021.
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    New report examines the feasibility of reusing small electronic devices
    There are still many old mobile phones, tablets and computers lying around many households that are no longer in use. A study carried out by IVL has investigated the feasibility of increasing the reuse of types of small electronic devices and what the environmental benefits might be.
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    Reducing rebound effects will be crucial to achieve climate and environmental goals
    Investments in more fuel-efficient vehicles and a transport-efficient society are crucial for achieving the Swedish climate goals and the Paris Agreement. At the same time, such measures risk leading to rebound effects that counteract reduced greenhouse gas emissions. A new report has looked at how policy instruments should be designed to avoid rebound effects.