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    IVL life cycle expert appointed professor of building materials
    KTH has appointed Martin Erlandsson from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute as adjunct professor of building materials with focus on life cycle analysis methodology. The reason for this is the need to break new ground when targeting sustainable construction with renewable building materials and building systems. A strong driving force here is the challenge of reducing the climate impact of the construction sector through increased resource efficiency.
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    Roadmaps show how the construction and infrastructure sector can achieve net zero emissions
    The installation and construction sector accounts for about one-fifth of Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are far more difficult to cut back on than those emanating from, for example, traffic – but it is possible. In three technical roadmaps, the Mistra Carbon Exit research programme shows how the installation and construction sector can achieve net zero emissions by 2045.
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    Better for the environment to renovate than replace flooring
    Every year, 25 million square meters of flooring is installed in Sweden. A life-cycle analysis conducted by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in cooperation with the floor maintenance company Bona shows that refinishing of wooden and PVC flooring saves both natural resources and carbon dioxide.