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    Digital twin secures commissioning of new Stockholm sewage works
    Summer 2020 will see the installation of a revolutionary new treatment process at the Henriksdal sewage treatment facility in Stockholm. The implementation schedule is tight – full purification is required around the clock, even during reconstruction, so there is little room for mistakes and delays. To ensure that the new process will work optimally right from the start, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall will deploy a digital twin developed by IVL and Siemens.
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    New project to reduce microplastics in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea
    IVL is starting a new project in China aiming to prevent and reduce microplastic pollution from land-based sources to the sea. This will be done through pilot work in textile industries and wastewater treatment plants in Bohai and the Yellow sea coastal areas. The project is supported by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and was launched officially in China at the end of April.
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    New pilot plant targets extraction of nitrogen from wastewater
    A new large pilot plant to extract nitrogen from wastewater constructed at the Hammarby Sjöstadsverk facility. Together with Ekobalans, a nutrient recycling company, IVL will test and optimize new technology that can hopefully be utilized by many other treatment plants across Sweden.
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    Beyond GDP growth: future universal basic income scenarios
    Universal basic income, also called citizen’s income, is often proposed as an integral component of alternative and sustainable economic systems. Together with researchers at KTH and Södertörn University, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is investigating the viability of basic income in two scenarios developed within the Beyond GDP growth research programme.
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    Möbelfakta now an independent labelling system with IVL as principal owner
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is now majority owner of the Möbelfakta labelling system previously owned by the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF). IVL will drive and develop the system to meet public procurement requirements and promote growth internationally but will continue to maintain close cooperation with the wood and furniture industry that remains part-owner.