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    Gotland to develop a green industrial symbiosis park
    IVL, together with the association Tillväxt Gotland, will investigate the potential for developing an industrial symbiosis park near Visby on Gotland. A survey will now be done to see what industrial collaborations are possible and how they can contribute to a fossil-free and circular economy on the island.
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    Plastic, paper or cotton bag – the choice might depend on where you live
    What bag is the best for the environment? The question is simple, but the answer more complex. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute compiled information from life cycle assessments on behalf of UNEP. The studies were conducted in Europe, Asia and the US, and the compilation identified geographical variations.
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    New industry standard for measuring the environmental benefits of reusing IT
    IVL and Inrego have developed a new database model to measure the environmental savings of reusing IT. The model is open and free to use for the entire IT reuse industry and anyone who is interested in measuring the environmental savings of reusing IT. The goal is to create a standard for the entire industry and to help companies and organisations to purchase and dispose of used IT equipment.