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    Focus on clean water when IVL opens office in India
    IVL continues to grow internationally – most recently in India where a new office has opened in the multi-million city Mumbai. A significant part of our activities there will focus on water treatment, an IVL area of strength. In one of the larger projects, IVL will ensure that two large wastewater treatment plants projected in Mumbai follow good building practice.
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    Foodwaste in Sweden could fill the Ericsson Globe Arena four times over
    A single year’s foodwaste would fill the Globe stadium four times over. And most of this foodwaste comes from households – three Globe stadiums packed to the roof. This fact was pointed out in the Foodwaste Sweden 2018 report that IVL collaborated in and produced on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
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    Record-breaking international interest in Swedish smart city solutions
    Swedish smart and sustainable city solutions are attracting a record number of foreign players to the country. Smart City Sweden can today showcase over 100 solutions in environmental technology, mobility, urban planning, digitization and social sustainability at locations across Sweden.