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    Wastewater treatment in Svalbard eliminates 99 per cent of microlitter
    Very little sewage treatment is carried out on the Norwegian Svalbard island group. In a preliminary study commissioned by the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency, IVL, in collaboration with the Norwegian Polar Institute and Aarhus University, has analysed the presence of microlitter in the waters around Svalbard and in the outlet of a new treatment plant in the Ny-Ålesund research village. The study shows that the purification process can eliminate 99 per cent of microlitter.
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    Camp for Indian and Chinese students
    IVL, together with Swedish institute, arranges the two-week SEK City Elite Scholarship Camp in Sweden for students from India and China. In the camp they will learn more about sustainable development.
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    Municipal electric vehicle policies have a considerable impact on residents purchase decisions
    Studies carried out by IVL and the University of Gothenburg show that the procurement of an electric vehicle fleet by local councils and investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure ramps up the number of electric cars purchased by local residents.