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    The ’Million’ programme is being updated to accommodate both the climate and tenants
    Homes built under the Swedish ‘Million’ public housing programme can be retrofitted to more or less the same energy standard that new buildings are compelled to meet – while simultaneously maintaining a cap on rent increases. This is amply demonstrated by the EU Cityfied project that has renovated the Linero district in Lund. Preliminary figures show that energy use can be slashed by as much as 40 per cent.
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    Record number of EPD registrations
    A record number of 270 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) were published in the International EPD System in 2018, breaking the previous record with 85 additional registrations in a single year. Construction products were the main product category, but there were also EPDs registered for a wide range of other goods and services, including food, transport equipment and paper products.