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    International organisations want to speed up the fight against air pollution
    Outdoor air pollution is ranked as one of the ten most common causes of death around the world today. Each year, more than four million people die prematurely as a result of poor air quality. The steps that international organisations can take to speed up efforts to improve air quality and limit the global effects on health was the starting point for a three-day conference in Gothenburg.
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    The new logic of the EU emissions trading system
    Never before has such an important climate decision attracted so little attention. After six years of persistently low carbon prices a recent reform of the EU emissions trading system may put the scheme back on track. At the same time, complementary policies at the EU and national level suddenly matter, Lars Zetterberg argues in an article for ICTSD.
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    Old electronic products in drawers can be reused
    About every other Swede has electronic products they no longer use lying around their home. An equal number admit to junking their unwanted devices, despite them still being fully functional. This is revealed in a survey conducted by Sifo, the Swedish consumer research institute on behalf of Blocket, a leading Swedish online marketplace.