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    Sweden's first purification plant for removal of wastewater pharmaceutical residues under construction
    Tekniska verken is building Sweden's first permanent large-scale treatment for removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products from wastewater at the Nykvarn wastewater treatment plant in Linköping. The application of ozone means that over 90 per cent of the residues can be removed from the wastewater. The ozonation treatment has been evaluated in collaboration with IVL.
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    Significant reduction of heavy metals in moss
    In addition to taking up nutrients from the air, moss also picks up heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and arsenic. On behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, IVL has carried out a survey of metal levels in moss samples across Sweden in an effort to determine local variations. The latest count shows a significant reduction of lead, vanadium and nickel taking place between 2010 and 2015.
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    Celebrating 30 years of cooperation with China
    On October 24th IVL-China hosted a China Day in Stockholm, celebrating 30 years of cooperation with China and presenting the current environmental challenges and opportunities that exist in China. The meeting gave a deeper insight into present day China andthe possibilities for Sweden to conduct business there.