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    First aircraft to publish its environmental product declaration
    An aircraft type has, for the first time, registered an environmental product declaration (EPD). It is Bombardier Aerospace that has published an EPD for one of its aircraft types; this in order to transparently demonstrate the aircraft's environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle.
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    Safer neighbourhoods with resident-driven refurbishments
    Feelings of security and inclusiveness are fostered when inhabitants play an active role in the renewal of their urban districts. This is apparent in the recently completed SuburbanLab project, aimed to modernize and upgrade urban areas built during the Million Programme public housing era. In the Stockholm suburb of Alby residents have participated in the design of new outdoor lighting for a hill walkway and in the creation of urban farming plots.
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    New technological trends create waste
    Every year a new wave of mobile phones, computers and other technological gadgets floods the market. Although innovative products can be exciting for consumers, they are also stumbling blocks that hinder the development of a circular and resource-efficient economy. These new products often contain components made of complex materials that are difficult to recycle.
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    New study on how drug residues affect agricultural land
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has carried out a two-year research project to determine whether the sewage sludge applied to agricultural land contains pharmaceutical residues that spread into the environment. The sludge was found to contain a number of drugs. However, none of the ground water samples taken on agricultural land showed any detectable levels of pharmaceuticals.
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    IVL expands within the automotive and transport sector
    IVL is growing and has now, in an initiative targeting the automotive and transport sector, recruited a further 25 members of staff to the Gothenburg office. The expansion is intended to reinforce IVL’s operational breadth with regards to chemical safety, the circular economy, the development of environmental technologies and long-term strategic sustainability focus.