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    New data on European food waste
    New figures show that Europeans in average discard 173 kilograms of food per person and year. This is far more than earlier estimates have shown. All combined about 88 million tons of food ends up in the garbage. The largest contributors are households.
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    Tire wear foremost source of microplastics
    On behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has mapped the sources and pathways of microplastics. The main sources are tire and road wear particles (TRWP) produced during the interaction of a tire with the roadway surface, followed by rubber granulate from artificial turf infill. The percentages of the micro plastics from these sources that ends up in the marine environment are, however, very uncertain.
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    Consultation response to EU proposal on circular economy
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has submitted a response to the European Commission circular economy package. IVL believes the proposal to be both positive and progressive, and applauds the holistic approach taken to drive development towards a circular economy.
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    Mistra Indigo – an important contribution to the global climate policy framework
    During four years of intense study the Indigo Mistra research project, led by IVL, has scrutinized economic and political instruments that might able to halt climate change. Initiatives taken by both individual states and new business interests show some promise. On March 10, Mistra Indigo hosted its concluding conference in Stockholm.
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    Unique method measures endotoxins
    Researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have developed a unique method of measuring bacterial toxins – so-called endotoxins. Endotoxins pose a health risk for personnel who handle organic waste, and have been identified as a causal factor of many serious illnesses, such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.