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    Recycling wastewater cost-effective and ecosmart
    With the right technology wastewater recycling can be both cost effective and regenerate ultra-pure water that can be returned to the groundwater or used in agriculture and industry. This has been shown by a research project carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Xylem, a provider of fluid technology solutions.
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    The pathways of plastic debris from the city to the sea will be mapped in new EU project
    A full 80 percent of all the garbage that ends up in the ocean comes from the land, and 60 percent of this debris is plastic. In the common EU project Blastic countries around the Baltic Sea will now find out the sources and pathways in urban areas that lead to trash ending up in the marine environment. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is participating in the project that is led by the Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy) Foundation.
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    Sheba BONUS programme to become flagship research project
    The IVL-coordinated BONUS Sheba Project has been designated flagship project within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and will thus achieve wider policy impact.
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    IVL celebrates 50 years of research
    It’s been 50 years since the government and industry jointly formed the first Swedish environmental research institute - IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Throughout 2016 we will highlight this jubilee in several ways, linking the past with our present and the future.