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    Biomass burning in Eastern Europe pollute the air in the Nordic countries
    Large-scale biomass burning in Eastern Europe is an important source for polluted air over the northern hemisphere. Over the past decade several major fires, especially in southern Russia, have affected air quality and have had serious consequences for human health and ecosystems in the Nordic countries.
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    Breakthrough for measuring traffic emissions with new samplers
    A fifth of all municipalities in Sweden exceed the threshold for nitrogen dioxide stipulated in the environmental quality standard. But long-term measurement of nitrogen oxide levels at street level is costly and resource demanding. Now IVL can offer air quality monitoring with a new type of diffusion sampler.
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    New certification scheme to double the collection of used textiles
    Textile consumption is on the increase in the Nordic countries, however the majority of used textiles end up in the rubbish bin. A new, voluntary certification scheme that within ten years will lead to a doubling of the collection of used textiles is now being assessed. Tests are being carried out by a number of fundraising organizations in the Nordic region, including Myrorna in Sweden.
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    New project will reduce food waste in Europe
    One third of all food produced is thrown to  waste, which makes it the third largest emission source of greenhouse gases. The 16th of September 2015 marked the start of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project "Resource Efficient Food and drink for the Entire Supply chain" (REFRESH), which will run from July 2015 to June 2019. The project aims to reduce food waste in Europe by 30 percent by 2025. The partnership involves 26 partners from twelve European countries and China.