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    “Paris will deliver a climate deal”
    – We will reach a climate agreement in Paris, and it will initiate a battery of measures to drive change, said Anna Lindstedt, the Swedish climate Ambassador, at a climate meeting in Washington organized by the IVL-led research programme Mistra Indigo.
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    Organic food reduced amount of pesticide in family
    KF – The Swedish Cooperative Union, a federation of 41 consumer cooperative societies, commissioned IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute to determine whether eating organic foods can reduce levels of pesticides in the body. The study was carried out in a family with three children who do not usually eat organic food. The most significant change in pesticide levels was found in the family's children.
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    New report: How different policy instruments impact consumption
    Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have been commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency to compile a list of some thirty appraised policy instruments designed to promote more sustainable household consumption patterns. The survey shows that congestion taxes, green car premiums and differentiated vehicle taxes have all been successful financial control mechanisms for reducing environmental impact.
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    Climate impact of pellets – production methods and transport choices make a difference
    A study published by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute shows that in a lifecycle perspective the level of greenhouse gas emissions linked to pellets may differ widely. The fuel used in drying and transport and distances from factories to pellet users is particularly crucial. The study establishes that pellets produced in Sweden and in modern facilities in Latvia, Canada and Russia release lower levels of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.